Matrimonial – Fidelity Examinations

You have clicked on this page because you evidently have a problem you need to address. Correct? Something is bothering you in your relationship.

Fidelity Polygraph Examination

Fidelity Polygraph Examination

Polygraphs Examinations often referred to as: Fidelity ~ Matrimonial ~ Who’s Cheatin’ ~ Save Our Relationship …..
Whatever you want to call them, they are one of the most intricate of examinations there are. There is a great deal at stake. Marriages…Children…Property… But most of all there is the matter of Trust and Truth which are the pillars that hold it all up.

You see the “signs”, you have that “uneasy feeling”, there is something going on because you “just know it”. The accusations fly. Tempers flare. Words are said and Trust is lost and who is telling the truth? What to do now?

If you are considering a polygraph exam just to say “see I told you so” and “chuck it all”, a Fidelity Exam is not what you need. It will solve nothing.

A Fidelity Polygraph Examination is a stepping stone to get to that “ground truth”. Where you can begin to regain trust and try to rebuild your relationship.

If you so desire, I can recommend Counselors with experience to assist you in working it out.

When I state certain conditions apply I refer to the following: If you wish to try and solve a problem, I will help you both. If you wish to try and make a go of it, I will help. BUT if you do not, I will not be a “referee” to any fight. If you want to try to save what you had, I will do my best to help you but I will not let it turn into “See I told you, you were a liar”

The following are answers to many of the questions I have been asked in the past:

The number of questions that can be asked on ANY Polygraph Examination is limited. What you see on TV and in the Movies is Entertainment not Reality.. You are led to believe that 10 or more questions are asked and that are all answered with a long explanation. WRONG !

We are limited to a total of up to three (3) OR FOUR (4) relevant questions. The total number of questions regarding the area you wish to address (which is fidelity) is normally three (3). They are answered either YES or NO. There are no explanations. ~The entire examination consist of 10 questions ~

The subject is single issue. If you are trying to find out if the person cheated on you with Jim, Jack, Jerry or Jenny, June or Jessie, we are able to address all of those individuals simply by asking: “Since you have been with —- have you been intimate with anyone else?”

We have simply taken a number of possibilities and put the question in perspective since they should not be, being intimate with anyone besides you.

Many times the questions you have can be asked. however, they may need to be refined so they work for polygraph. Example you could never ask a person “Are you still beating your wife?” It implies that they have beat their wife in the past. No matter how they answer it they are still a WIFE BEATER. Unless you know for sure that they have beat their wife. The question implies rather than inquires. What we are doing is Inquiring.

The examination can take several hours or more depending on the complexity of the issues.

In regard to medications, do not stop taking them because you are taking a polygraph examination. For the most part, your meds should have no adverse effect on the outcome of the exam.

I have heard many times “They’re really a good liar I believe they can beat the test”. When a person attempts to “beat the test”, they utilize some sort of countermeasure. After 40 plus years, I have seen most of these attempts and can assure you they do stand out. Contrary to what you may be told or read on the Internet. When Countermeasures are attempted, they are noted and the only reason they are used is because Someone is Lying ! And they make my job so much simpler. This also applies to the person who makes excuse upon excuse as to why they do not want to take the exam. Possibly there is something they wish to conceal? ~ Sweet smiles and smooth talk has never won me over~

So what is the accuracy of the polygraph? Research and field testing by numerous governmental agencies have found the polygraph accuracy rate to be in the high 90%. This has been verified through confessions or other types of evidence used to document the reliability.
***The Fine Print***

Examinations can be conducted normally within 48 hours depending on my availability. Contact me @ 732-581-4026 – 609-693-2764

No, I do not travel to your home to conduct exams. I have heard of some examiners doing this. However, I would be very leery of anyone offering this service. Professionals have Offices. I have several offices I use.

I find it impossible to get a Physician to come to my home when I am sick.
Think about that.

I will not “Do you a favor and pass you”. Do Not Ask. There are those who have asked. And I have heard…. There are those who will………. I will not!

I utilize state of the Art Computerized Polygraph Instrumentation. I have 40+ years experience.

Examinations can be scheduled after 5:00PM or on a Week-end if necessary.

My Fee is very reasonable and can be negotiated as necessary if required.


Prior to my conducting any Fidelity Exams, You MUST Pre-Pay with a Deposit of $150.00 (WHICH WILL BE APPLIED TO THE BALANCE OF YOUR BILL) ~This Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE IF NOT
CANCELLED IN 24Hrs.~ This is due to those who “No-Show”. If you really wish to engage my services and not waste my time this is a Commitment on your part to secure my time.


Okay…….What do I do next?
Please Contact me via a Telephone Call or Email
Cell Service 732-581-4026 Office 609-693-2764

It is best to call me and discuss your needs. If it is easier, provide a telephone number and I will call you. Every matter is treated with strict confidentiality.

Sometimes it is better to discuss your situation personally than just send the inquiry “I need to test my boy/girlfriend~ Husband/wife…. how much does it cost?” Again if you are serious make the deposit and arange for the exam.