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In either civil or criminal matters, where the need to know the truth is an absolute, Polygraph has proven itself to be reliable in numerous cases. There are very few areas in which a polygraph examination can not be utilized successfully. Some specific areas where it has  proved useful include: Most Criminal and Civil matters; Thefts; False Accusations involving Sexual Assault; Witness Statement Verification; Sex Offender and Parole Monitoring; and also for Mediation purposes. There are numerous other testable issues in both the Criminal and Civil arenas.

Since 1980, we have been providing the finest in ethical and confidential Polygraph Services for Attorneys; The Courts; Banks; Brokerage Houses; Jewelry Trades; Insurance Companies; Security / Armored Car Services; The Major League Players Association;  and numerous other Commercial Clients. 


Since 1995, we have been providing the Courts, United States Probation; Mental Health Treatment Professionals and Social Service Organizations and Psychiatric Facilities with Clinical Monitoring and Polygraph Evaluations of Sex Offenders. 

We conduct Clinical Sex Offender Screenings: Disclosure Testing of the Instant Offense; Disclosure Over the Sexual History; and Maintenance Monitoring.

"Breaking through the denial to assist in the overall treatment process"

Membership in:  National  Association   of  Polygraph  Specialists  in  Sex  Offender   Testing  /  Monitoring; Association for  the  Treatment   of  Sexual  Abusers;  New  Jersey  Chapter of  A.T.S.A. We are PCSOT  Trained and Certified in all aspects of Offender Testing.      


There comes a time in many relationships when the issue of TRUST arises. Maybe there was a previous indiscretion. An incident that may or may not have actually happened.

Many couples have a great deal of their lives committed to each other and one indiscretion, a moment of weakness or False Allegation can put all of that to sunder.

From past experiences, the Polygraph has helped to learn the truth. Put suspicions to rest or to confirm them and put minds at ease.

If you truly feel it is necessary to have your significant other take a Polygraph Exam, consider our experience in helping to solve  these delicate matters. Resolve your questions once and for all.

We will work with you both and with your Counsler to help keep your relationship together.

For additional information please see our section regarding Matramonial / Fidelity Testing.

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